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Height safety supervisor

Day 2 – 100% face-to-face

Height safety rescue training


This height safety training course is an extension to the working at heights day 1 training program. It will provide learners the skills and knowledge to supervise working at heights and be able to prepare, plan and carry out a rescue plan if a worker suffers a fall utilising a fall arrest system. Note: If fall arrest systems are being utilised as a height safety control measure, it is LAW to have a documented rescue plan in place that has been tested and rehearsed and be be implemented by a competent person. Platinum safety and training is your professional provider of a working at heights course in Sydney, helping you to perform work with the necessary knowledge you need to stay safe.

Course Content

Key skills and knowledge covered during this training course through a combination of both theory and practical applications.

  • Legislation, – WHS ACT 2011 and WHS Regulations 2017
  • Guidance documentation – Australian Standards, Code of practice 
  • Hazard identification, Risk assessments (SWMS)
  • Basic emergency care skills
  • Development of rescue plans, test and rehearse to ensure they work
  • Fallen worker rescue skills – Practical rescue scenarios (gotcha kit, Milan System)

Suited for you

The prerequisite for this course is RIIWHS204D Work safely at heights. Please click here to see course details.

Successful completion of this training will be awarded the statement of attainment for:                                                                                                                                                        

  • RIIRIS201D – Conduct Local Risk Control
  • PUAFIR215 – Prevent Injury
  • PUAEME001B – Provide Emergency Care
  • PUASAR022A – Participate in a Rescue Operation


The course consists of both theory and practical, including theory and practical assessments. The programme is conducted over a day and takes up to 8 hours to complete.

Student terms and conditions: Student Handbook

Prices: Train at our specialised safety training centre in Prestons NSW (see map)

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Individual students: $225.00 pp – Book online now!

Group bookings: Onsite at your workplace or at our training centre, Prestons NSW – Course every week!

Prestons Training Centre prices: (click to see our location)

Come and complete your safety training at our specialised training centre and save $$$
1. Individual students: $225.00 pp
2. Group of 6 students – $1200.00 
    Plus + $150.00 pp for additional students
3. Group up to 10 students – $1500.00
    Plus + $150.00pp for additional students (max. 12 students)

Onsite training at your workplace prices: (Sydney/Wollongong):

1. Group of 4 students: $1000.00 (min. onsite training fee)
2. Group of 6 students – $1290.00 
    Plus + $150.00 pp for additional students
3. Group up to 10 students – $1650.00
    Plus + $150.00pp for additional students (max. 12 students) 

Prices are GST Free

Please note: All students must be able to communicate in English and able to complete all documents, including theory assessments. If assistance is required, please contact us prior to commencement of training day to discuss options. Failure to do this, may result in a student not being able to complete the training and a refund will not be issued.

Do I require training to carry out working at heights and height rescue? 

The simple answer is YES! Here at Platinum Safety and Training, we make it easy when it comes to helping you decide what training you need in order to maintain a safe and compliant workplace!

As per legislation (law), the work health and safety act 2011 and regulations 2017, states all employers and employees have a duty of care to either eliminate or control potential hazards and risks within the workplace at all times. The hazard of height can be a major concern within many industries and unfortunately, is the cause of a high number of serious injuries and also workplace fatalities. 

Working at heights is simply defined as “if there is a risk of a fall from one level to another, that is likely to cause injury”. With this being said, if you or anyone now work at heights, we need to have the skills and knowledge to ensure everything is being done to create the safest work environment possible. 

Platinum Safety’s nationally recognised training course RIIWHS204D Work safely at heights, have already assisted thousands of workers achieve the required skills and knowledge to maintain a high safety standard within the height industry. 

If workers are using a fall arrest system, meaning they are wearing a harness, connected to an anchor point via a lanyard, however if a fall is still possible, then the worker may be suspended in this system and unable to release themselves. This can create a life threatening situation due to suspension intolerance. This is when blood will pool in the legs due to gravity and the harness restricting the leg. This can result in cardiac arrest and/or brain damage. Due to this risk, it is a law that if we are utilising a fall arrest system as a way to control the hazard of height, then we must implement a tested rescue plan.

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