Confined space rescue training

For workers to be a part of the 

confined space rescue team


This unit of competency is suitable for members of a standby rescue team for confined space operations. The learning outcomes include, preparing for a confined space rescue operation, assess and manage confined spaces, determine location and condition of casualties, gain entry and removal of casualties, conclude rescue operations

Pre-requisite: As this is part of our confined space training program, students are to show competencies in the below units of competencies and all qualifications have been attained within the last 24 months.

RIIWHS202E Enter and work in confined spaces

MSMPER200 Work in accordance with an issued permit

MSMPER202 Observe permit work

MSMWHS217 Gas test atmospheres 

We strongly recommend conducting our 3 day training packages, click here for the 3 day course including confined space rescue training

Successful completion of this training will be awarded the statement of attainment for:

MSMWHS216 – Operate breathing apparatus

PUASAR025 – Undertake Confined Space Rescue

Students will be emailed a PDF copy of the statement of attainment on completion of the training course.

Course consists of both theory and practical, including theory and practical assessments.

Course duration: 1 Days (10 hours)

Student terms and conditions: Student Handbook

Prices: Onsite training at your workplace or come train at our specialised training centre in Prestons NSW (see map)

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Corporate bookings only: 

Group of 4 students: Fixed price – $1500.00 (min. booking fee)

Additional students charged @ $350.00 pp

Capped pricing: $2000.00 – Group up to 6 students

Prices are GST Free – Note: All corporate bookings will be individually quoted.

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Please note: All students must be able to communicate in English and able to complete all documents, including theory assessments. If assistance is required, please contact us prior to commencement of training day to discuss options. Failure to do this, may result in a student not being able to complete the training and a refund will not be issued. 


Do I require training to carry out works in a confined space? 

The simple answer is YES! Here at Platinum Safety and Training, we make it easy when it comes to deciding what training you need to carry out work in a confined space. We have a range of confined space training courses to suit everyone. 

Day 1 – If you are someone who will be entering and working in the confined space, you will need the basic training course to understand the hazards and risks, work in accordance with legislation, understand permit systems and act as the Mandatory Standby/spotter for confined space workers.

Day 1 + Gas tester – Confined spaces have many hazards, however unsafe atmospheres are one of the most dangerous hazards you may face when working in confined spaces. This training program is an extension of the confined space entry course with a comprehensive understanding on how to check and use gas detectors correctly, to ensure the atmosphere remains safe at all times during confined space works. For many organisations, this training is the minimum required to work in confined spaces and is our most popular training course. Click for more information 

Day 2 – All confined space works must have a minimum amount of control measures to keep workers safe. A person in direct control is required to ensure this happens and they are known as the “permit issuer”. The will have the competencies to carry out risk assessment, understand atmospheric monitoring and issue all work permits including the mandatory “Confined space entry permit”. This training course is for anyone who will be supervising and controlling confined space works. Click for more information

Days 3 – The complete confined space training package. You will be able to enter and work, conduct and understand atmospheric testing and monitoring, risk assessments, issue all work permits and also be a competent member of the standby rescue team, which is a mandatory requirement for every confined space entry. Click for more information 



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