Keeping the workplace safe is paramount. Keeping one’s workplace FIRE SAFE is critical. Even though there are many sources of information out there to help us achieve this, it can still be a challenge. Employers must be compliant when it comes to fire safety, and there are certain major focus points that no one can afford to ignore.

Follow these must-haves and must-do’s to ensure you and your colleagues are safe:


  • Smoke/Fire Detection

  • First Fire Attack Equipment 

  • Emergency Exit Signage

  • Designated Evacuation Areas

  • Evacuation Diagrams


  • Conduct Emergency Exercises

  • Display Emergency Contact Details

  • Appoint Emergency Wardens

  • Good Housekeeping

  • Provide Staff Training

Needing your staff to conduct Fire and emergency training?

Platinum Safety can offer you the option to either come and train at our safety training centre located at 2/6 Weld Street Prestons NSW 2170 or we can travel out to your location and conduct the training onsite at your workplace.

All our trainers are professional firefighters with Fire & Rescue NSW. Let us show you how to keep your workplace safe during an emergency!! Your choice between non-accredited or nationally recognised training units:

PUAWER005B: operate as part of an emergency control organisation.

PUAWER006B: lead an Emergency Control Organisation

PUAWER008B: contain small workplace emergencies (fire extinguisher)

Contact Platinum Safety for all your fire warden training requirements now!