Every business or company must aspire to create a healthy and safe environment for its workforce. The company must also ensure its workplace abides by local regulations and standards. Workplace safety must be ensured and maintained at all times.

The Workplace Health and Safety Institution, also known as Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S), creates these regulations and assesses the risks involved which might affect the health, safety, and welfare of the people. Business owners need to follow these rules and regulations set by the OH&S to make sure that the workplace is safe for employees, customers, visitors, suppliers, and others.

Additionally, workplace safety compliance contributes to the long-term success of any business since the workforce of a company is what keeps the business running.

10 workplace safety tips to share with the employees:

  • Keep every corner of the workplace clean, organized, and clutter-free

Workplace areas should stay clean and clutter-free to avoid slipping and tripping of workers in the area. A clean and organized workplace minimizes accidents and ensures safety.

  • Provide mats for slippery floors

Many types of floor mats could make the workplace safer by simply preventing trips and slips. Dust control mats could reduce the germs brought inside the workplace and thus minimize infections and diseases.

  • Have proper storage for combustible materials

Make sure that combustible materials and other fire hazards be kept in proper storage places to ensure everyone’s safety. These materials must be stored in well-ventilated areas.

  • Label designated hazardous zones clearly and appropriately

Hazardous areas should contain proper labels and the walkways or entryways to those areas should be highlighted with the necessary signage.

  • Prepare and implement emergency procedures

Planned and well-prepared emergency procedures could minimize the impact of unfortunate events and calamities that may happen anytime.

  • Make sure employees understand the risks in the workplace

Ensure that the employees understand the associated risks in the workplace. New employees must be informed and educated after conducting a full workplace risk assessment.

  • Stay hydrated at all times

High temperatures during Australian summers could result in strenuous living and working conditions. It is very important to stay hydrated at all times to prevent possible dehydration.

  • Become prepared in medical emergency situations

Basic first-aid training could help in the treatment of common workplace injuries and emergencies such as burns, contusions, open wounds, fractures, strains, and sprains.

  • Ensure proper technical and skills training for machinery and equipment handling

All employees handling and operating tools, equipment, and machines must undergo proper training. These workers must also acquire appropriate licenses to operate specific pieces of machinery and equipment.

  • Provide first aid training

Provide first-aid training and first-aid stations equipped with necessary medical supplies for the workplace to ensure immediate response during emergency situations.

Sharing these tips to the employees may establish a steady flow of one’s business and ensure health and safety in the workplace.

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