First aid consists of measures that individuals perform in an emergency until professional help arrives. It provides a quick response to accidents or injuries and ensures efficient and prompt medication before a trained medical professional comes. First aid may also stabilize the injured or sick person’s condition until the rescue service takes over the care.

Additionally, first aid could minimize injury and future disability. In severe cases, first aid may help keep the victim alive.

Reasons why first aid is essential:

  • Helps Save Lives

Unforeseen and unfortunate events may happen in our daily lives. Knowledge about first aid significantly increases the chances of saving lives, especially when a trained person acts immediately in emergencies. 

  • Acts as a Preventive Measure

If an individual administers basic first aid, the injured person becomes stabilized until emergency health professionals arrive. A trained person could gather information about the patient’s condition while treating the patient. They can also pass it on to the emergency medical services to save valuable time. This would prevent a patient’s worsening condition.

  • Serves as an Encouragement for Healthy and Safe Living

An individual who possesses first aid knowledge could assess the situation in a better way. First aid training encourages the well-being and sense of safety among people. It also helps reduce the number of accidents and casualties when people become aware of emergencies. 

  • Provides Security

Knowing how to react during an unexpected time can help save other people’s lives and even one’s own life. This provides a sense of security. It also promotes a more secure and healthy environment. People associated with a trained individual would feel more confident and finds comfort and hope in knowing that someone could help in uncertain situations.  

  • Helps Relieve Pain

A simple first aid procedure could help relieve and alleviate pain caused by injuries. A trained individual could perform the first aid first to reduce pain temporarily.

  • Creates confidence to Care for Others

Having basic first aid knowledge gives confidence in helping others during emergency situations. Knowing how to react in these situations boosts the individual’s confidence in administering first aid. First aid halts the gravity of an emergency, which also contributes to a trained individual’s confidence level.

Needing your staff to conduct First Aid training?

Many students ask the question: How often should you do refresher training for first aid? As per the Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines:

HLTAID003: Provide first aid – Every 3 years

HLTAID001: Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation – Every 12 months

Platinum Safety can offer you the option to either come and train at our safety training centre located at 2/6 Weld Street Prestons NSW 2170 or we can travel out to your location and conduct the training onsite at your workplace.

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