Confined space training intends to prepare employees who may need to work around or in confined spaces on how to face and manage potential risks and hazards involved with this line of work. 

Why is Confined Space Training Needed?

Confined space work entails occupations and jobs in areas not conducive for habitation by people, even for a limited amount of time. These places usually have poor ventilation and could become very dangerous especially if the space is small. The situation may pose many health and safety problems such as lack of oxygen and the existence of airborne contaminants that could trigger explosions. Serious incidents could also occur if a worker becomes stuck in floodwaters, sewerage, smoke, or dirt.

Advantages of Confined Space Training

  • Brings awareness around the hazards in confined spaces

The Nationally Recognised Confined space training courses would assist employees and employers in understanding the hazards, legislative requirements, codes of practice, and Australian Standards needed to enter and work in a confined space. The courses bring awareness around the hazards in confined spaces and allow workers to exercise caution if something would happen. They would also assist workers to understand and identify what constitutes a confined space. 

The confined space training would also include the importance of atmosphere testing to help workers prepare when entering a confined space. The training would also explain and discuss equipment that workers use to work safely in a particular area.

  • Allows managers to implement emergency procedures 

Confined Space training would also coach and train managers and companies in determining the risks related to specific types of confined workspaces. This knowledge would enable them to make sound decisions in regards to the type of equipment necessary and ensure the workers` safety. It would also allow managers to implement emergency procedures that could save lives should an accident occur.

Confined space training would provide lectures on legal company obligations concerning the proper qualifications and necessary certificates needed by workers in this type of situation. 

The Confined Space training covers all company employees and other workers such as farmers who work in these types of areas such as silos. The training would teach them the correct entry and safe exit in confined workspaces.

Every company must provide the right training for their workers especially for those working in confined spaces. Acquiring Confined Space Training would ensure the worker’s safety and compliance for the company.

Needing your staff to confined space safety training?

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