Many workplace injuries, unfortunately are a direct result of poor workplace health and safety procedures when working at heights. 

One of the most noteworthy dangerous occupational hazards across all businesses and industries is working at heights. It holds its position as the second greatest reason for significant wounds and losses around the world. This is the reason Safe Work Australia put a bigger spotlight on preventive measures to lessen injuries from height-related occupations.  

Lack of training, missing protective gear, improper use of fall-protection items, and poor working conditions are some of the causes of damages and injuries. 

The lack of safety precaution causes some unfortunate events that make us realise that nothing beats prevention. The use of protective gear, well-kept equipment, and proper training is needed to prevent accidents when one is working at heights.  

Follow these 5 fundamental safety tips when working at heights:
1) Risk Assessment

This is an essential component and the initial step to ensure safety and security.  Conduct a workplace risk assessment to evaluate potential hazards and risks one might be put into while working.

2) Set Up Emergency Procedures

Should there be anyone who falls, make sure to exert every effort to guarantee the safety of the casualty. In order to respond effectively, make sure to have the right knowledge and tools to cater to the fall incident.

3) Protective Measures

Whenever you’ve recognised the hazards and risks, continue with applying protective measures to reduce the dangers. Talk about with the authorities/employees involved regarding the fall prevention system for maximum safety.

4) Regular Update on Risk assessment

Make sure to always re-evaluate and update your risk assessment in your work environment. This is vital to be prepared for current and emerging potential risks. 

5) Invest in Training

Every company must provide the right training for their workers especially for those working at heights. Acquiring Training would ensure the worker’s safety and compliance for the company.

Needing your staff to conduct height safety training?

Platinum Safety can offer you the option to either come and train at our safety training centre located at 2/6 Weld Street Prestons NSW 2170 or we can travel out to your location and conduct the training onsite at your workplace.

Height safety training courses we offer:

RIIWHS204D: Work safely at heights (Basic worker)

PUASAR022A: Participate in a rescue operation (Height safety supervisor)

Or check out our website to read more about our training courses: