Majority of serious injuries and fatalities occur due to falling from heights less than 4 meters. Many of these are in the construction and trades industry. Working at heights includes anything with the potential to fall from any level to another that can cause harm.

Working on roofs is a very common place of work for thousands of workers each day. Ensure you always know the hazards and risks with such works and always include your adequate control measures. Some of these control measure will include, Fall prevention devices, restraint systems, fall arrest systems, ladders, PPE, Risk assessments and permits.

Platinum Safety is always willing to give all workers the best chance to ensure their workplace is a safe one by providing them with the knowledge and skills to select, set up and utilise the best controls measures to suit their environment.

Our specialised safety training facility has a range of training environments including working on roofs, ladders, scaffolding, live edges etc.

For more information, give our safety training experts a call and arrange your next working at heights training course now!

Height safety training courses are run at our training centre in Prestons every week. Alternatively, we can come to your workplace and conduct onsite group training.