Falling from heights is still one of the leading causes of serious injury and/or fatalities in the workplace. To ensure your safety at all times, workers need to be aware of the control measures we must implement whilst working in area where there is a chance of a fall from one level to another.

Three systems are: 1. Fall prevention devices, 2. Work positioning systems, 3. Fall arrest systems

Fall prevention devices are solid barriers, such as guard rails, scaffolding, EWP’s etc.

Work positioning systems are installed/implemented by trained, competent workers. They consist of either the suspension system – Rope access technicians, eg. window cleaners of high rise buildings, Or, restraint systems – use of an anchor, lanyard and harness – allowing a worker to gave access of their workspace, however as the worker approaches the live edge, tension will take of the lanyard, preventing the worker to fall.

The fall arrest system should be used when any worker can be exposed to a risk of a fall, including when the user can adjust their lanyard, if there is a possibility the user can fall through a roof or is the slope of the roof exceeds 15 degree.

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