While work is being conducted in any confined space, legislation states many regulated control measures must be in place at all times. On of the crucial ways to ensure safety of all workers is the reliance on a qualified standby operator. So what does a standby operator do?
* Monitor the safety of all entrance
* Monitor conditions inside and out of the space
* Observe the work being carried out
* Maintain a clear access and egress
* Maintains constant communication
* Remains outside of the space at all times
* Be trained and competent
* Initiate rescue procedures
* Has authority to order workers out
* Ability to suspend work permits if new hazards arise or a breech of permit

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Prices for confined space training:

Group up to 4 students: $1000.00 (min.)
Group up to 6 students: $1200.00
Group up to 12 students: $1800.00

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