As a competent operator, you have a duty of care to look after yourself and everyone on the worksite. To enhance this, the correct use of our personal protective equipment (PPE) is most important. Once trained in the use and application of your PPE, it is up to the operator to always check for signs of wear and tear or general damage. These checks should be conducted before, during and after use.
For anyone who is working at heights, a critical component of PPE is your harness. Depending on the task at hand, the correct harness must be used along with conducting a visual check. Things to look for are:
Chemicals – discoloured, change in texture, odours
Abrasion – cuts and tears
Moisture / Corrosion – abrasion damage to webbing from corrosion
Shock Loading – evidence of a fall, loose stitching, fall indicators
Ultraviolet Damage – fading of materials
Extreme Heat – holes, glazing, burns

If any of the above are found, the equipment should be taken out of service and replaced. Follow your site procedures for this process.

If you require training for working at heights, please call Platinum Safety Ph: 0403 238 411 or Email: