To remain safe whilst working at heights, the use of a fall prevention device is highly recommended. An effective fall prevention devices many workers install, is known as a guard rail.

Guard rails may be used to provide effective fall prevention:

Along the edges of roofs
Mezzanine floors, walkways, stairways, ramps and landings
Along access paths/roofs of plant and equipment
Any openings that may pose a fall hazard.
Around shafts, pits and other excavations.

Guard rails should incorporate a top rail of at least 900mm to 1100 mm above the working surface and also have a mid rail and a toe board.

Guard rail system must be installed by a competent person, be capable to take certain loads of force (kN) and must comply to Australian standards: AS/NZS 4994—Temporary Edge Protection.

To ensure your working at heights task is completed safely, book in to one of Platinum safety’s nationally recognised training course: RIIWHS204D – Work safely at heights.

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